Volunteer’s at shelters notices how one of the puppies they were taking care of, has a mustache.

They say that there is no better feeling than helping someone else. You get a really good feeling when you do something selfless. Especially when you know that the being to whom you are doing a favor to, cannot repay you back. A man found a mixed shepherd mother and 11 of her puppies on the street so they decided to call the local shelter to come and help them get off the street and take care of them until someone would adopt them.

The volunteer’s at the shelter called Hearts and Bones did their best to provide for the mother shepherd and her little puppies. They started cleaning them, feeding them and everything. While cleaning one of the puppies they noticed that the puppy had a black mustache. She was white and below her nose she had a black mustache that made her resemble a lot with the classic pirates that would have those long, black mustaches. The volunteers decided to give her a name and called her Salvador Dolly, according to artists who had the same mustache when he was alive and well.

Luckily the mother and her puppies got adopted by a foster family who agreed upon taking every single one of them under custody and take care of them. After all they were really small and they are going to need to stay at the shelter a little more, maybe a month, before they go to the foster family for good. The shepherd mother and her small puppies along with Salvador Dolly are now in good hands.

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