This viral photo of a premature baby smiling will brighten your day.

I was born two weeks before I was supposed to get born. My mother had checked with the doctor and he assured her that I was going to be born around the beginning of October, instead, I came to life by the middle of September. I am what is considered a slightly premature baby and from what I have read, babies that are born two weeks early are at higher risk to develop illness and have poor health. But for parents that have a premature baby, the stress is much greater after the baby comes to life. It is always about the well-being of the newborn.

David and Lauren Vinje were expecting their first child and they had no idea it was going to be a premature baby. The couple from Minnesota said that when the baby was born they were constantly concerned about her health. But when their daughter Freya was only 5 days old, she gave them such an angelic smile that warmed their hearts and reassured them of her being just fine. They decided to take a photo of that moment and share it on social media. The photo went immediately viral and warmed the hearts of other parents all around the globe. People started telling their own stories in the comments and David expressed that he was glad his daughter’s smile could touch someone else’s heart and maybe brighten their day.

credit: Lauren Vinje via TODAY

Lauren said that when she was at her 28th week of pregnancy she started having weird signs. She said that she started getting swollen and feeling dizzy. Her motherly instinct knew that something was not right. However, Lauren made to the 34th week and then she checked again with the doctor. After an examination, they saw that Freya had turned sideways and they had to perform an emergency C-Section. Lauren made it through the birth successfully but David and she continued to worry about their baby’s health. However, after Freya gave them that innocent, charming, heart-warming smile she reassured them both that she is fine and she is happy to be here. Now Freya is a big sister and her parents say that she is the kind of toddler that smiles to everyone. Let us know if this story together with Freya’s smile warmed your heart.

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