Spot the snake in this photo that is driving people crazy.


Do you know how you find all kind of games on social media? From a math equation to the diferent colors dress, to the spot the snake challenge that has taken the world by a storm. I am famous for having a sharp sight and my wife always tells me that, together with all my friends, but even I didn’t manage to spot the snake and had to refer to the answer of the challenger. After all, it is very tricky and you have to really, really concentrate in order to spot the snake in this photo.


If you like in a private house, like the one that I grew up in, you probably interact with the animals, more than the city kids do. You see squirrels, and deers and sometimes you find a snake, greeting you from your kitchen. I know. Creepy right. Well, this occasion has created this little game called spot the snake in the photo. And unlike those scammy TV show in the ’90s that would “give” you a reward for “Spotting the Difference” this image is created purely by the mother nature and the house owner just happened to capture the moment. And there is no reward if you do spot the snake.

At first, you see two stools next to each other with some magazines on top. Nothing out of the usual right. But you have to really focus on the image in order to see that something is not right. Now, the snake is not that big, and if you look closely at the right leg, of the right stool, you would see it wrapping around the leg. Pretty damn hard to spot right? Challenge your friends and let us know the results in the comments.

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