The lungs of the world are burning, since the Amazon rainforest is under wildfires for three weeks now.

Climate change. A topic that most of us do not want to talk about and frankly that most of the people don’t believe in. When I was little I remember they taught me about the Ozone hole. I was in the fifth grade and I could not believe my ears. I could not perceive that somehow the air, had a hole and would make the Earth warmer. Now, ten years later I can see that is more real than ever since this has been the most record-breaking summer of the history, with June 2019, being the hottest June of Earth’s history.

Don’t believe me? Ask those people in Sao Paolo how they feel about climate change, when their afternoon turned into night, due to the massive wildfires that have been burning down the Amazon rainforest for three weeks now. Amazon is responsible for 20% of the oxygen on Earth so we are basically burning down Earth’s lungs. And I say we because those fires are human-made. Not that some one lit the fire with gasoline, but cutting down the trees and exposing dry land, increases the probability for wildfires to erupt from the heat of the sun.

The situation is critical people. We need to do something about this before it is too late for all of us. The Amazon rain forest are still burning and no one is doing anything to put them out. Image the amount of CO2 that has been emitted in the atmosphere during these three weeks. On August 19 people in Sao Paolo, Brazil was uploading videos where it was 3 pm and it was like night. All because of the smoke and the ashes caused in the Amazon fires. Share this with your friends and family to raise awareness. We will keep you informed as the situation updates.


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