Stay-at-Home Mom Depression


We all often hear how stay-at-home moms remain in a silent depression. Sadly nobody wants to talk about it. In fact, half of the people do not understand how serious it is. The utterly terrible misconception that women who stay at home and look after children’s brought up actually do nothing. This is the core of the problem.

How can we, the society and people related to these women (spouses, in-laws, parents etc.) do not see what they go through daily, without a single break? Imagine yourself in their place; doing chores, raising kids (which is exhausting), surviving the day without talking to any other person outside the home. Feel the frustration. Many of them were once working women with striving careers, but now we make them feel like they have no identity nor any purpose. It is inhumane.

If we cannot support these women, we can lend a helping hand or at least just give them a chance to breathe, vent out their frustration and more importantly, appreciate their existence and sacrifices!

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