Genius woman finds out the secret to remove the annoying shoe creases.

Who could have thought that some hot water, a towel and an iron could do this little miracle?

Shantel De Bonsu is the woman that found out this little secret about removing this annoying shoe problem that has been driving the shoe lovers crazy for years. Everyone knows how waspy it can be when you buy a new pair of Adidas and after a while they start to develop creases at the top front part, making them look like they are worn out when they are actually not.

Shantel does YouTube tutorials but this time she got really famous after a Tweet she did about removing shoe creases, got retweeted more than a hundred and forty thousand times. She showed her before and after photos after doing the experiment and she encouraged other people to do the same. Satisfied with the result, people started to try this small trick and when they noticed it actually works, they decided to share their part, by tagging Shantel, thanking her for showing these shoe lovers, the way to save their favorite pair of Nikes. Below I will provide you with the simple methods used to remove the creases from your shoes once and for all.

So all you need before you start is old socks/ clothes or tissue paper, small towel, hot water, and iron. Now to start you must stuff your shoe with tissue paper or old socks until the crease disappears completely. Make sure to do this step right since is the most important part of the process. Do it in such a way that when you press on top of the shoe, it does not move. Wet your small towel with hot water then squeeze it until is damp. Put the towel on top of the shoe. Take the iron and flatten your small towel. Careful. Do not burn the shoe by leaving the iron too much on top of it. Once you are one with everything the creases should have disappeared. Enjoy your shoes.

This really works!!!!

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