Dog holds the new owner’s hand all the way to the house.

It is really haunting me. I wish I never let go of my dog. I really miss him and my wife misses him too. I just hope our poor Elmo is all right out there. I hope he is happy and he has found a nice family for himself because I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. Whenever I read this kind of stories, the feeling of guilt comes along and I regret or what I did, though I cannot turn time back so I just have to live with it.

A dog was adopted at the shelter lately and all the way home he held his owner’s hand just like a human being. Sam Clearance adopted Stanley at a shelter for which he volunteers. At the first time that he saw Stanley, he decided to adopt him immediately because he knew that Stanley would not make it at a foster home. So Sam, as a kindhearted human he is, decided to give Stanley a home where he could be safe and get all the love that he so much deserves. At first, Stanley was a little bit insecure and didn’t trust Sam much but later he passed that and they became inseparable.

When Sam was taking Stanley to his new home after he adopted him, Stanley started holding Sam’s hand as if he knew that he was going to be safer from now then. Sam captured that beautiful moment where you can see Stanley’s face and you can clearly tell all the happiness and compassion in his eyes. He finally has a real home and a real owner with whom he can be best friends.


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