Rare horse breed that might cost more than you think.

How much does an average animal costs? From where I come from a sheep costs around $500 and one good horse costs around $800, maybe a $1000. But how about if you would own a horse or if you would buy a horse for that amount of money, but you wouldn’t know its true value. Rare things get appreciated more in this world and the rarer the thing, the higher the price it is pitched on the market, just like diamonds. How about a fourlegged diamond that might be in your backyard.

Medicine Hat is a rare type of horse breed that can have a lot of value. And the value of this horse does not only come from their rareness, but also from their back up history. Knowledge had value. Just recently Scott and Jackie Nelson decided to breed paint horses. Among the little horses that came to life, one of them was very particular, because it was beautiful. The horse had a blue eye, white body, and only a dark painted part at the top of their ears. It was something they have never seen before in their life.

After some research, Jackie and Scott found out that the horses are mentioned in the ancient Indigenous tribes and according to that history, these horses, were sacred. They would predict danger and warn the rider, and they had mystical powers. They were also very rare since no one still knows from what breed these horses come, they just come up like that. After learning the news, their horse called Coconut has a worth of upwards $70,000 since many collectors and rich people are interested in buying that rare beauty.

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