3 ways to massage your baby and relief him from pain.

For everyone that have babies, I can only imagine what kind of work it takes to deal with the baby crying every time their teeth come out or when they have mild pain. My brother has two babies and their mother has done a fantastic job to raise them so far. She stays sleepless and doesn’t even take care of herself, just to be able to provide comfort for her babies. But now, after I read this article she won’t have too, because I will show her and you how you can massage your babies in order to relieve them from pain.

Tiptoes massage


This kind of massage helps your baby with the pain they go through when they are teething and it also helps your little one with headaches. All you need to do is gently press the baby’s tiptoes and you can do this even when the baby is asleep. It will help with blood circulation and regulate your baby’s pain to a level that he will feel calm.


Underside Massage


Even adults go through sinus pain, but for babies, the experience is 10 times worse. So you have to do something to calm down your baby and get some sleep for yourself also. All you need to do it massage your baby below their toes right under. Rub them gently there and after a few minutes, your baby should be calmer.


Center of the foot massage


This kind of massage is perfect if your baby is going through stomach pain. By massaging your baby at the center of the foot, you improve the circulation but at the same time, you send signals to your baby’s stomach and lungs. Do this for ten or fifteen minutes

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