Kid having a ‘demonic meltdown’ during an eight-hour flight, doesn’t stop screaming.

Now we all know that some kids can be annoying as hell sometimes. Will all the running and the screaming and the complaining, it can all get too much for a parent to handle. I mean if you raise your kid to turn up spoiled then you have a big problem you have to deal with in the long term. And for some that problem becomes other’s problem. Like this kid that kept screaming for eight hours straight at a flight from Germany to USA and no one stopped him, not even his mother.

We don’t know if this kid has a condition that makes him be extra impulsive or what the problem is, but we do know that this type of behavior would have got him and his mother off the board before take-off. A passenger recorded the whole happening and it was truly torture. Before the plane took-off the kid was staying on his mother’s shoulder’s watching around and screaming a little bit. He seemed kind of impulsive but the people have no idea what they were about to encounter for those eight hours.

The mother asked if she could turn on WIFI so the kid would stay on his iPad as a distraction but it was against the rules and they hadn’t took-off yet. Once the plane was in the air and the seatbelt light went off, then the kid started running around the aisles making a whole lot of noise, laughing and yelling like a little angry and annoying goblin. He is left to do whatever he wants. The man who recorded the video uploaded it on internet and some people say that the kid might have a condition that makes his act like that for eight hours without getting tired.