A school in Portugal has sent a note to parents and now that note is viral.

A lot of parents think that since they are taking their kids to school they are doing enough to educate them and teach them good manners. Well, no, because the subjects that the kids do in school have nothing to do with the parent responsibility to teach the kids good manners. A school does not teach you how to be happy, how to survive depression, how to interact with others and make friends. A school teaches you about physics, or math or literacy, but it’s not there to teach you how to reach your dreams.

All of these moral values are something that the parents should teach their kids because else they will grow up to be like me, not knowing what is right and wrong to say in a social circle. Because nobody taught me, so I have to teach myself through mistakes. It is better because there isn’t a greater lesson than the one you teach to yourself but at the same time, I could’ve been a better person, have my parents taught me ho to be a sympathetic person around other people.

So a school in Portugal realized that the parents of their students were expecting everything done from the school and they decided to hang a note on their walls and also send the wall to every one of the parents. Now that note has gone viral and it has taken the world by a storm since a lot of people are commenting different stuff and having different opinions. What do you think should happen? Should the parents teach the moral values and the school the basis of the world’s understanding? Or should the school teach everything there is? Let us know your opinion.

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