How to remove the bad smell that your clothes might have after you washed them in the washing machine.


It has happened to me so many times that I have washed my clothes in the washing machine and still, they have had this horrible smell. Do you know why it happens? It happens due to the mildew that builds up inside the washing machine after using it too many times and that mildew is the reason your clothes might stink, even after a good wash and for the worst of the case, your washing machine might stink as well. So what do you do about it?

Buying a new washing machine might be sort of expensive and not really convenient. Plus think about this. Are you going to change the washing machine every time that mildew builds up inside it? You can simply clean up the mildew using this simple technique and save yourself a lot of money and a lot of time and also a lot of stress. You must use mainly two products to clean the washing machine but you have to be really careful not to mix these two products with each other or else you might create a dangerous mix.


You need to use bleach and vinegar to clean the mildew out of the washing machine. First of all you want to dissolve some bleach in some water and then mix it up. Then with a piece of cloth or a toothbrush, you want to scrub away all the inside of the washing machine and do not forget the rubber at the door that collects a lot of mildew. After this, you want to turn on your empty washing machine at the hottest process and let it finish. Then you want to put a little bit of vinegar in the washing machine’s drawer and put it again in the hottest process. After all of this, you should be just fine and you can use it with no worries.