Forgetful mother leaves baby in the hot car until a young man breaks in and saves the baby’s life.

I have written different articles and heard different stories about people doing the fatal mistake of leaving their kids or pets inside a car during a blazing hot, summer day. I say fatal mistake because last year 53 babies died because of that and only recently I wrote about a vet who forgot his twins inside the car for eight hours of his work shift, to come back and find them foaming from the mouth. Another woman forgot her two dogs and they also died from the heat.

The point is guys, that once you leave a car with no air conditioner under the blazing sun, then the closed environment of the car will turn deadly for anyone. A mother recently did the same mistake, when she went into a grocery store and she left her toddler inside the car with no air conditioner on and closed windows. Luckily for the toddler, another mother and her 12-year-old kid were passing by and they heard the baby crying. When they approached to see, his face was red from the terrible heat.

So the young man decided to smash the car’s windshield and crack it open. It was a bit of a struggle at first but he managed to open the glass enough for him to reach for the doors and open them. They finally managed to get the baby out of the car and luckily he had no injuries whatsoever. The police was called and after interrogating the mother, they gave her a $250 fine for breaking the law of leaving a vulnerable child alone in a car. Hope she learned the lesson.


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