Girl suffers from third-degree burn after playing with slime.

People love playing with slime, especially kids. It is sticky, it is flexible and apparently, it can even be dangerous. A lot of people nowadays have videos on their YouTube channels where they teach children and other people how to make homemade slime. While the process is quite simple, the result can be something dangerous for you or your kids. Since slime is made by chemicals, the wrong combination or not knowing the side effects of the right chemicals might end up in a very bad situation and a trip to the hospital.

Kathleen Quinn is a girl and she went to a sleepover at her friend’s house. While they were there, they decided to make some homemade slime to play with. After preparing it they started playing with the slime until one problem came up. Kathleen started feeling a burning feeling on her hands after playing with the slime. Since the burning wasn’t going away, she went to the sink to wash it but it took time to take all the slime off her hands. By the time she was done, she suffered a third-degree burn on her hand.

She was rushed to the hospital for further treatment. The doctor asked about the chemicals that the slime had inside and he discovered that it was made by sodium borate and school glue. The doctor wasn’t surprised at the burning because that’s what sodium borate does to your skin if you hold it in your hands too long. Kathleen had to undergo plastic surgery to fix her hand again, but hopefully, her story might warn parents all around the world about the dangers involved in letting your child play around with chemicals. After all the box has the ‘keep out of the reach of children’ sign for a reason.

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