Entitled mother talks to security after a stranger refuses for her kid to pet the service dog.

Some people are so entitled that they think the whole world is supposed to circulate around them. I’ve known people who are so in their feelings that they might do everything just to satisfy their egos. After I read this article, I saw a whole new level of entitlement that I have never seen before. A mother and her spoiled kid have taken the lever of entitlement to a whole new category that I don’t even know what to call it anymore.

It all happened in Pittsburgh when a mother took her child to a shopping mall. As every entitled mother does, she left the child run free in the mall, like an animal in the wild. Of course, the child went on to scream and explore every aisle and knockdown products not caring too much about disturbing others. But that is still not the crazy part. They ran into Megan, who is a handler of service dogs and the spoiled kid asked to pet the dog named Nala. But as the rules request the service dogs should not be petted as it can interfere with their work.

But the entitled mother and the kid wouldn’t take no for an answer so when Megan told them no, they didn’t really appreciate it. Megan continued on her own path until she runs into them again and according to her, they both looked so upset. The mother approached her again, saying that she is being rude and that her kid has every right to pet the dog. Megan rejected them for a second time and continued her work. But the mother would not give up. She went so far to tell a security guard the whole story, hoping it would solve something in the favor of the spoiled kid. It didn’t. They just had to learn how to take no for an answer.



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