Man adopts every least adoptable pet after his dog dies.

Death changes people. And I don’t mean only about the person that passed away, I mean people around them who are alive and well. I have seen people change because of death. I have seen people lose their mind because of it. I have seen people close off entirely, but one thing that I have seen for the time recently, people changing for good because of death. That’s a really rare happening but when it happens the whole world is watching in silence as things fall perfectly into their places and create such an inspirational story to tell.

Steve Grieg is a man who just loves animals very much. He is very passionate about them. But when his dog died recently, he suffered very much. Besides the tears and the pain, he changed as a man and he made a sudden, life-changing decision. He went to a shelter and asked to adopt the least adoptable pet. And he got a 12-year-old Chihuahua with bad knees. Steve didn’t stop there. he continued to ask the same thing in other shelters and now he has a total of 12 elderly pet at his house.

When he was asked why, he said it is because older pets aren’t likely to be adopted and besides that, they know exactly what they want and they are already fully trained. So now Steve had old dogs, two ducks and an old pig in his home and he is happier than ever. He even made an Instagram account for the animals and his page is on 800,000 right now. Congratulations Steve. You are a real-life savior who doesn’t wear a cape but who takes good care of the senior animals.

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