Dog shot with a BB gun is taken to the vet and the police are called.

Some people are really cruel towards animals in this world. It is like pleasure for them bringing pain to other beings. Seeing them crying or torturing them it seems to amuse these psychopaths that cannot control their actions and let the devil in them come forward. A dog has been shot more than 70 times with a BB gun and luckily his owner noticed on time to take the dog to the vet and save his life. The police were later called to investigate the case.

Hayden Howard called her dog inside after leaving him playing in the back yard all day0 when the dog came, his body looked like he was bitten multiple times by insects. But after a closer examining she realized that the dog had been shot with a BB gun multiple times. She rushed him to the vet immediately to get him checked. The vet had to shave the dog’s hair and take out more than 25 pellets from the BB gun. You can see the hole all over the body. Another 20 pellets were still inside.

Hayden called the police which came to investigate. After questioning and searching neighbors they found a BB gun and hidden pellets to one of the neighbor’s home. He was someone who had a past drug criminal record. My only guess would be that he got high again and the only way for him to enjoy the drug effect was to bring pain to an animal, just to see him suffer. He is probably going to get locked up for animal cruelty.

I really hope Jackson make’s a full recovery and hopefully is not scarred by this cruel action.What do you think should be punishment for evil people who mistreat animals like this? Leave your thoughts in the comments section on Facebook. SHARE this if you think all animal abusers should be locked up for their crimes!

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