Two vets that hope to give motivation in the world, share their story of combat and companionship.

I miss having best friends. It feels so lonely right now. All the friend that I’ve had in the past are gone. I have lost them. Some because of my own fault and arrogance. Some because of life. And now I am here alone, all alone, feeling empty sometimes. I wish I had this one friend to love me for who I am and help each other like grown men. I wish I had the kind of friendship that these two marines have with each other.

Both are named Jonathon but different last names, one Blank and the other Nelson. They were both parts of the Marine and fought in Afghanistan 10 years ago. They made it out of that hell alive, but Blank, unfortunately, lost both of his legs. He has been living a normal life and keeping strong bondage with Nelson who doesn’t need another friend. Nelson decided to do something courageous lately, just to show how much he cares for Blank and to leave a great memory behind. He decided to take Blank to the top of Moun Timpanogos that is in Utah.

How was he going to do that? By carrying Blank on his back and climb at the same time. He was so strong that he climbed for more than 14 miles with the 130 pounds Blank on his back. But it was all worth it. After all, they managed to survive was and an explosion so of course this struggle was nothing. Nothing but a pure act of compassion coming out of friendly love. A true inspiration from both of these guys.

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