Stray cat refuses to abandon her injured friend and drags her to a safe spot.

Animals are much like humans, but a lot more kind-hearted. An animal will stay by your side if you are making those ugly crying faces. An animal will stay by your side if you are injured. An animal will stay by your side if your soul is hurt and you need someone to hug. When most humans would ridicule and bring you lower than you are, a dog or a cat will stay faithfully by your side to make sure that you are fine and that you are smiling and loving life.

A video of a stray cat in China is doing the world tour after it went viral. The reason the video went viral wasn’t something funny, like those comic cat videos, but something deeper than that. The stray cat is seen dragging her injured friend to a safe place. At first the healthy cat is approaching at her friend who looks unconscious and is biting her and moving her around with the hopes of waking her up. But after she realizes that her friend is injured or sick and has passed out, she grabs her by the fur and decides to drag her to safety.

The healthy cat is determined to no abandon her friend and she only stops when both of them are under a car where no one can hurt them. This just shows how much animals love and how they are built out of compassion and selfless help. They are there for their own kind, they are there in sickness and pain for humans too. This cat has touched the hearts of the commenters that hope the other cat has not died.