Toddler takes a ride on a conveyer belt at the airport until he is rescued by employees.

You ever have seen the conveyer belt that transports the luggage at the airport? I remember when I was little I would always dream of being able to enjoy a ride on that belt. It sounds terrifying to a lot of parents but that is the truth. I wished I took a ride on that conveyer belt that looks like an amusement park slide. And apparently, someone else made my wish come true. A toddler climbed the conveyer and took a five minutes ride at the belt, passing even through an X-Ray.

The age of the kid is unknown but the security cameras show the kid climbing one of the belts, holding on to one of the bags and just enjoying the ride. One of the workers at the airport tried to catch him but she was too late as the boy was already on the conveyor. After he passed through the belt, he headed to a forbidden part below the airport where the luggage is checked. He even passed through an X-Ray a the employees behind the scanner’s screen were terrified to see the toddler.

Everyone was doing the best to save the toddler before he got hurt. Fortunately when he arrived at the forbidden part of the airport one of the employees was able to catch him. They said that the boy seemed calm and he had only a small arm injury but rather than that, everything else seemed fine. It seems the toddler was thinking the same that I was thinking when I was little, but I was just too scared to do it. I hope his parents weren’t too harsh with him after this adventure.

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