Couple replanted a whole land that suffered from deforestation and now it looks like a tropical paradise.

Humans are cruel. We only think about building more machines and more concrete buildings for our offices and destroying our Mother Earth. I come from a country where deforestation has been a problem for nearly 20 years now and it still continues to be a problem these days. Greedy men with their chainsaw, mercilessly cutting off every tree they can find to destroy beautiful natural habitats. Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado from Brazil, left his home for ten years to find out that the whole land had been stripped naked from the trees when he returned.

This made him very angry and his wife was very upset too. They made a decision together to replant the whole forest and for years they planted over 1, 2 million trees. After twenty years the transformation of that same land is breathtaking.

The once deserted land filled with CO2 had now returned to life and it home not only for the couple but for many other species of trees and animals. The couple talked with the government to ban all the people from cutting trees at that part of the country.

Just take a look at the photos and see the difference from 2001 to today. It looks like God himself came down from Heaven to restore and flourish this land into something that looks like the Garden of Eden. The couple has done a fantastic job and now they are living happily in their home, between the forests that they built with their very hands. Let us know if you got inspired by this story with a comment and don’t forget that a tree planted is more oxygen for all of us.