53year-old farmer shocks the X-Factor’s audience with her amazing talent.

Age is nothing else but a number but most people have a really hard time understanding that. And the profession is nothing more than just a craft who doesn’t decide people’s other abilities or passions. But yet masses have a really hard time breaking their closed mentality to open their mind to these new possibilities that go beyond fear and nervousness and shine by the end of their own path. Tell that to the audience that heard this 53-year-old farmer performing at the X-Factor, and they were laughing at her before they heard her voice.

Jacqueline walked baldly on the stage though she was feeling quite nervous. She introduced herself and even let the people know that she was nervous. Then Jacqueline started talking a bit about her life and how she is a farmer and she takes care of chickens and other animals and how she and her husband have two peacocks and they named one of them Dave. The audience starts laughing as if being a farmer is a shame or having animals such as chicken’s is even more shameful and as if they are high-class aristocrats.

Jacqueline was unbothered by their laughter. She said the name of the song that she was going to sing then she prepared herself as Simon Cowell was still looking at her with his wide eyes of doubt as he was still smirking under his teeth. Jacqueline started to sing “You’re My World” a hit song from the 60s and that is when the audience stood in complete silence, hearing at her magical voice. They probably regretted laughing at her and even Simon was very impressed with her talent. Jacqueline showed to everyone that by being real, you can become successful.


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