A child born with vision impaired is so happy after he wears glasses and sees the world better.

Not every one of us is blessed enough to be born normal. Most of us are lucky to have eyes, ears and every other sense functional in our bodies. And while most of us take these senses for granted, there are those that are deprived of these senses since birth. Picture that for a moment. Picture being born with eye problems or even deaf. How would you percept the world and would you pray to be normal for just one day on this Earth?

Christian is a cute little toddler, but unlike most of his peers, he was born with a severe vision problem. By the age of 4 months, he could not see his parents in the eye, a thing that most of the other toddlers are able to do. Once his parents took him to the doctor, they got him a pair of glasses that should regulate his vision so he can be a normal adult when he grows up. At first, when his mother was trying to put the glasses on him, he was whining and moving his hands, as if he didn’t want to wear them.

But after he got the glasses on, Christian started smiling and waving his hands with joy while his parents were talking sweet words to him. Now he sees the world normally and Christian seems very excited about it. The surprise on his face when he first saw at his parents faces through the glasses is priceless. Then after he starts getting so happy, filling the room with joy and positive energy. Even though he was born different, this doesn’t mean that he cannot enjoy life the same as the others.



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