20-year-old McDonald’s worker, nails the X-Factor audition.

Being a musician is not easy at all. Trust me, I am trying it. Working a nine to five while coming home and practicing, writing lyrics, and recording with mere devices and tools, while only hoping, wishing and dreaming for the stardom. It is a really hard path especially with the huge amount of people who want to become successful musicians, singers or rappers. Rebecca Grace is one of the singers in the huge ocean of music. She was working at McDonald’s when she auditioned at X-Factor back in 2017. But her performance is still remembered.

Rebecca chose to sing the song “Piece by Piece” from Kelly Clarkson, another pop singer who became successful thanks to Simon Cowell and American Idol. So, of course, Rebecca was nervous when she was in front of the judges because she was about to sing a song that Simon knew really well and she didn’t know if her voice would fit the song. She started singing with the piano playing and moment after moment her voice got more relaxed and she started rolling easily with the song. The ups and downs of the voice were truly amazing.

She started getting emotional by the end of the song. The judges loved her voice and her performance and they started praising her talent. Rebecca knew that singing was her passion but hearing it from other people, especially people inside the music business, meant another thing for her. When Simon Cowell told her that he really liked her voice, she started crying tears of joy, because she sang a song from the singer that made it thanks to the same man who was praising her talent now.


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