A young mother gives up the child for adoption but still remains in contact in a really sweet way.

When a girl gets pregnant at a young age there is always the possibility that things might go wrong. The father of the child usually disappeared, due to the fact that he is at a young age himself. The baby might get abandoned by the mother if she is not responsible enough. Fortunately, the mother in this story was responsible enough to give the baby up for adoption and not only that, she still maintains good contact with the baby that she gave birth too.

Kaleena Pysher fell pregnant when she was still in high school and she knew that she was in no condition of raising a baby.

It would take a lot of time and a lot of energy to be able to do so, things that she didn’t have for the moment. So what? Would she just abandon the baby? Of course not. She decided to be responsible and give the baby up for adoption and the parental choice she made was perfect. A couple of her parent’s friends wanted to adopt a baby and what better choice would be than to adopt Kaleena’s baby.

They made the decision of adoption when she was still four months pregnant. While reading about babies and educating herself, Kaleena found out that breast milk, helps the baby develop in the best way possible. So she proposed the idea to the adoptive parents and they agreed.

After the baby girl, Rylie came to life and the adoptive parents took her to their home, Kaleena would send breast milk every day to the point that their fridge was full. She also started donating breast milk to a charity for newborns who need it. Despite not raising Raylie herself, she still maintains contact and talks frequently with the baby and the parents.

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