11-Year-Old Dies after Using a Toothpaste, Parents Devastated With the Death

In California, 11-year-old Denise was dairy allergic and her parents were super conscious about everything she used to consume. No one knew that a special toothpaste will be the reason of the death for this innocent girl, leaving devastated parents behind.

Denise’s mother has completely broken after her baby girl’s death. She now warns other parents to thoroughly read the descriptions of the ordinary products their children use. According to the parents, the toothpaste was a special prescribed by her dentist. But as Denise was brushing her teeth with it on April 4, she had a severe allergic reaction. Her lips became blue and she almost stopped breathing. They took her to the hospital where she died after a few hours.

The parents later came to know that the toothpaste had an ingredient named Recaldent which is obtained by milk. Now they regret not reading the ingredients of the toothpaste which killed their beloved daughter. Her mother, while breaking into tears said that Denise was her sunshine but is no longer with them just because they didn’t check what’s included in toothpaste. It’s necessary to see what’s in the product.

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