Viral video of a teen allowing a pregnant woman to seat in his place when everybody else was ignoring her.

People don’t really care about other people’s problems. That’s why you have almost everybody on the street rushing on their way, without stopping to care for someone else. It is a cold, indifferent world. But these videos and moments, remind us from time to time that there are some people out there, that aren’t only about the money and about their own world, but that actually care about the wellbeing of others. A teen has gone viral recently after showing compassion to a pregnant woman.

Ally Iskandar

This happened in Malaysia in a subway. You know that usually, subways have security cameras that record everything that is going on. Well someone recently put out a video of a teen that decided to stand out from the society, when everybody else was doing the opposite and was being a sheep. A pregnant woman enters the metro line and she walks to the middle of the carrier. Everyone is sitting and there are places to sit for the pregnant woman. When everyone else decided to just ignore her and pretend that she is not there, just for the sake of their comfort, this teen decided to get up and allow her to sit.

Ally Iskandar

You may not think it as much, but it shows how few people would do this. One person is a carrier with at least a hundred people. And if it wasn’t for that person, the pregnant woman would tire herself by standing up all the way. The video has gone viral and people are praising the teen for his actions and for the compassion he showed towards the pregnant woman. Not all heroes wear capes.

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