This Man Had His Life Risked For A Simple Hair Wash Before Haircut.

We all loved getting a little hair massage at parlors. But none of us can imagine that massage turning into something dangerous for us. Dave Tyler, who is 45 years old, had to face miserable and unfortunate consequences for having such head wash. The poor man suffered from blood clotting, which led to unconsciousness right after he bent his head on the basin to get his hair washed before his haircut.

It is suspected that he benefited the head in a wrong position keeping it towards the neck that got an injury and hence the blood started to clot. It has been six years now but the man was permanently damaged as he lost his sense of balance. He sued the parlor for being careless and won £90K  in the lawsuit.

Please be careful when having your hair washed at the salon this is known as “beauty salon stroke syndrome” let others know of it.


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