Teacher Locks Student’s Cell Phones to Get their Undivided Attention


Millennials are trapped in digital screens which is a fact. But it has a lot of disadvantages when it comes to schooling and education. One of the examples is the lack of attention and misguided information channels. Micheal Lee, a teacher in Washington has taken out a solution to keep the children away from their cellphones.

In 2017, he observed that in his Digital Photography class, students always seem to be hurried and careless with the given tasks in order to finish them as soon as possible so that they could use their cell phones freely.

Micheal gave a cubby to his students to put their phones safely before the class starts. Their cell phones were put on charge for the rest of the class and their attention remained undivided. Soon afterwards Micheal observed a positive change. The idea is aspiring other adults and teachers to take similar actions.


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