Mother undergoes chemotherapy and breast surgery only to find out that she does not have cancer.

When it comes to hospitals there is something people should know. They are not right every time and having the wrong advice from someone can lead to further health complications. I remember one time that I was feeling a mild chest pain for a couple of months. After going to the hospital to do an ECG and find out I am fine I also went on to do a organs eco. After doing the eco, the doctor told me that I had a liver problem and according to her diagnose my liver was double in size, even though I never had no problem with medicine or alcohol. So I went to a private clinic and did all my blood analysis and also another eco, and I spent all that money only to find out that the first doctor was terribly wrong and I was healthy as a horse. A similar case happened to a woman recently where the incompetence of the doctors, changed her life forever.

Sarah Boyle was told that she had breast cancer and that if she did not do anything about it, it would risk her life. So she went on to do all the necessary analysis and she was admitted to chemotherapy and also breast operation. After all the overwhelming chemotherapy that cause her to lose her hair and after she got breast implants, she found out that she was misdiagnosed with cancer in the first place and that she never had to do anything.

Now she is even more worried about her life since chemotherapy can cause complications in the future and the breast implants she has can even give her cancer. She already talked to her lawyer and is suing the hospital in order to raise awareness. After all, how can someone be so incompetent to admit a patient in chemotherapy and perform breast surgery, without being sure that these methods are necessary?