Garbage Man Adopts Blind Baby Left by Dumpster, 23 Years Later Boy Owns Million-Dollar Company

An abandoned blind baby that he finds next to a dumpster is adopted by a trashman who is trying to raise his twin daughters alone. He unintentionally learns about the boy’s pastime one day and assists him in setting up the foundation for his potential multimillion-dollar venture.

A blind baby who is abandoned and found next to a dumpster is adopted by a trashman who is trying to raise his twin daughters by himself. One day, by happenstance, he learns of the boy’s pastime and assists him in setting up the foundation for his eventual multimillion-dollar venture.

Sarah told Bob that she had been having an affair with another man for a long time and left him to look after them. It wasn’t all that, though.

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“Is your ‘other man’ their father? How could you do this to me, Sarah? Tell me the truth….” Bob had argued, and Sarah’s reply shattered him.

She admitted Kara and Christie were not Sarah’s affair partner’s children. They were born to another man with whom she had an affair two years after marrying Bob.

When Bob asked her why she cheated on him, she said: “Because you scavenge the dumpsters for a living, and I’m ashamed to say you’re my husband. I want a rich life which you cannot afford.”

On his seventh birthday, Bob gifted Sam a book. “What is this, daddy?” Sam asked. “It feels so strange to touch.”

Bob was beyond broken. It took him nine long years to realize that his beloved and worshipped wife was not happy with him, even though he felt he had been living a perfect life with Sarah. Bob knew he could not live without his daughters, but he could also never look at them the same.

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“Are you taking the children with you?” he asked Sarah the day they divorced.

“Why would I take the kids with me when I’m going to marry someone else? You can raise them if you want because their biological father died years ago,” she said without hesitation. Then she left, and Bob never saw her again.

Despite his inability to accept the reality that his wife was no longer with him, Bob forced himself to raise his daughters. It seemed to him that fate was calling him to do this.

He fought to make his daughters happy despite all the obstacles. He had no idea that there would soon be a new addition, so he thought they were his entire world.

Bob once came upon a crying abandoned baby boy next to a dumpster where he was picking trash. “A baby?” he asked as he walked up to the young child.

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He looked around and saw nobody was there. He leaned and checked the baby’s carrier and found a note that read: “To whoever finds this blind baby, please take care of him.”

Bob was startled. “How could someone do this to an infant?” He picked the baby up and cradled him. The baby kept crying and wriggled his tender hands to feel the person holding him. He kicked and screamed.

Bob calmed the child down and took him home to feed him some warm milk before calling child services. “I found him by the dumpster,” he told the authorities.

Later, the baby boy was taken to the hospital, and his blindness was confirmed. Bob’s heart went out to the helpless little child, and decided to adopt him. “If I can raise two daughters by myself, I can certainly raise him too,” he thought.

Six months later, Bob legally adopted the baby and took him home. “He’s your new baby brother, Sam…What do you think?!” he introduced the baby to his daughters.

At first, Bob had doubts about the difficulties he would encounter. He tried his best to make Sam feel loved even though he knew he would require extra care and attention because he was blind.

Bob found out about the boy’s special interest after seven years.

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“….And then the princess escaped from the tower….” Bob would read bedtime stories to a giggling Sam, who would use his imagination to picture the beautiful princess trapped in a huge tower and a handsome prince secretly meeting her every night. Sam loved listening to such bedtime stories and never slept without one.

On his seventh birthday, Bob gifted Sam a book. “What is this, daddy?” Sam asked. “It feels so strange to touch.”

“It’s a Braille book. You must feel the raised dots and slowly follow them with your fingers. They will help you read and learn,” replied Bob, who patiently trained Sam to use the book in the weeks that came.

Bob bought a few Braille books for Sam every two months. Bob would have to make some sacrifices in order to afford them for his son because they were pricey.

After twenty years, Sam was able to read and write with ease. He opened a small publishing house and made the decision to assist the blind. With money he had saved for his daughters’ weddings, Bob assisted him in obtaining the necessary supplies to get things going.

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Sam’s business began to pick up over time. With his newfound prosperity, he was able to improve his family’s living situation while continuing to contribute to society.

Three years later, Sam owned a sizable publishing company dedicated to teaching blind people how to read and write. His company brought in millions of dollars in revenue. With his first million dollars, he moved into a massive mansion with his sisters and adoptive father.

Sam didn’t have Bob’s biological son status, but he made him proud in every manner. He frequently stated in interviews that he was aware of his adoption:

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What can we learn from this story?

  • Kindness can change someone’s life into something they truly deserve. When Bob found an abandoned blind baby near the dumpster, he took him home and adopted him despite his struggles as a single father. Bob’s kindness enabled the boy to have a bright and productive future.
  • Parents are not necessarily the ones who give birth to children but those who walk the extra mile to raise them. Sam knew he was Bob’s adopted son but never regretted that. He was proud of his father and thanked his fate for helping him find a loving family after his own parents abandoned him.

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