Famous actor saves a child heroically in real-life.

We all know that most of the actors that play superheroes don’t actually save lives in reality. It would be really cool to see some famous actor like Tobby McGuire save a kid from the evil villain. But that only happens in movies and everything is thanks to special effects. Or is it? An actor did something heroic recently where he saved a kids life in reality, and not in the movie. A car collision happened in Los Angeles and one of the cars flipped upside down. A child was trapped inside.

None of the people on the road had the guts to step in and help the poor child, who had disabilities. But someone had to step in. And that was Danny Trejo. You probably remember him. Known as the Machete, he plays at Sky Kids, Breaking Bad and other movies and shows. He typically plays the role of the good guy who is the hero in the story. Well in this story, Trejo is for real the hero after he decided to step in and try and get the kid outside of the flipped over car. And he succeeded with the help of another stranger.

Then he kept the kid entertained and calm while the firefighters were getting the kids grandmother out of the car also. But Trejo doesn’t want to get credits as a hero and he says that everyone would have done the same but everyone didn’t do the same, Danny. They just stood right there, watching that poor child stuck inside that car and they did not really care about it. So what you did was truly something different and something that not everyone is ready or wants to do voluntarily.

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