5-year-old girl amazes everyone with her dancing skill.

I just finished writing an article about a 53-year-old farmer, who shocked everyone at the audience of X-Factor, with her amazing talent and singing skills. Now I am going to write about a five-year-old girl who can dance like a superstar despite her young age. Practice makes improvement and apparently, this little girl has been practising enough to be in such perfect sync with the beat. While most of her peers are still at home watching a cartoon, she has the determination to be a little rockstar and amaze everyone.

Roxy Brennan decided to perform the song Maniac from the movie Flashdance and she really rocked the stage. At first, she started moving in such a precise way to the beat and then while she was floating around the stage she slowed it down a little bit to then sync her hands perfectly with the snare. Then little Roxy put one of her legs up and she started spinning, making moves that would be so much harder for an adult. Her advantage is that her bone structure is still not stiff so she can move more easily and with some practice, she has become great.

Roxy won the first place in the dance competition and she was named Miss Petite by the judges. She brought so much inspiration to other people showing what is really possible through belief and hours of practice. You can accomplish miracles. You can become something that you have never imagined before in your life. You can become the type of person to lead the masses if you just believe and practice and work hard after what you want, nothing can stop you from being number one.

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