Dog helps a little girl to stay alive after she is lost alone in the forests of Siberia.

Losing a child must be a hellish experience for any parent out there. Especially when the child is lost in a forest. You can think of anything. From abduction to a pedophile to wild animals and weather conditions. You might be very lucky to find the kid alive if a week passes by. A miracle happened in 2014 when a little girl called Karina Chikitova got lost in the woods of Siberia and only found days later. If it wasn’t for her dog, she would not be alive.

She was out with her father in the woods after leaving home at Sakha Republic. Karina was only three years old at this point. The local area was a place where you could not use your phone due to lack of signal, so there was no way the father could talk with the mother. He was headed to a four-day round trip to see his relatives and taken his daughter with him. But when he came home he had to give the mother the bad news that their daughter was lost in the woods.

Everyone started searching for her but after a week hopes started to go down. Anything could’ve happened to her. From bears to wolves, to starvation and the freezing nights. Luckily Karina was with her dog Naida.

The dog had kept her warm during the night as she would hug him and go to sleep and she had survived by eating berries and drinking river water. The dog then had left her alone to go back to the village and led the people back to the place where Karina was to be found. She was found alive and well 11 days later, having only minor injuries. Let us know if this story inspired you.


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