Careful when planning to have a baby. Americans spend as much on daycare as they do on rent.

According to statistics, an average monthly rent in America costs $1500, while a monthly payment for one child at a day care is $1300. That’s a difference of just $200.

With the prices going up every day in this capitalist society, is no surprise when you hear stuff like, the price of daycare is almost the same as the mortgage. Donald Trump keeps talking about the booming economy, while the young parents have to worry all night about paying rent and daycare.

It seems that while the rent prices have risen with 2.3 percent since last year, the daycare prices do not remain behind, by striking a 1.3 percent rise since the last year. And this thing is becoming a very big problem for those that already have or might be expecting a baby. Since having a kid means having the necessity for extra space, which means living in a studio is out of the question. One or two extra rooms are a must to meet with the family needs. And while some people can afford this, others have to stress out so much about what to pay first.

According to statistics, the average monthly rent in America costs $1500, while a monthly payment for one child at daycare is $1300. That’s a difference of just $200. While others can even end up paying more for the daycare than for the rent. For example, people that rent a house in Pittsburgh area, end up paying $200 more for daycare than for rent and if you want to be a New York renter, you have to pay $150 more for the daycare. So as the rent prices go up, the daycare system is getting richer while the parents receive only a modest rise at their salaries which is clearly not enough.

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