Alyssa Milano Shows Her Private Spouse Who Made Her Older Mom of 2 After Devastating Miscarriage

On the occasion of their 14th wedding anniversary, Alyssa Milano, 50, who is best known for her role in the hit television show “Charmed,” shared a rare photo of herself and her husband David Bugliari, 42.

Milano was smiling and looking beautiful in her wedding dress as she grasped her handsome husband’s hand. She added a sweet caption to the picture calling David the love of her life and expressing how much he means to her.

Since David and his Instagram account are both private, the post is uncommon.

After the Couple Experienced a Devastating Miscarriage, Alyssa Milano’s Husband Helped Her Remain Hopeful

After getting married in 2009, Milano and David immediately began trying for a child. They were successful in conceiving after their first try, and Milano became a mother for the first time at the age of 38. However, she sadly lost the baby due to a miscarriage:

“I was completely crushed. Devastated. I remember going to the doctor and trying unsuccessfully to find a heartbeat.”

Milano revealed after the session how she sat in the medical center’s parking lot with David and sobbed while they grabbed onto each other. Fortunately, her devoted husband’s touch on her face and assurances that everything would be alright and that they would try for another child helped her get through the anguish.

David Bugliari and Alyssa Milano at a Lakers game in Los Angeles, 2010 | Source: Getty Images

Alyssa Milano Became a Doting Mom of Two in Her Forties after Her Miscarriage

As David had mentioned, the couple gave it another go and eventually became pregnant with their first child, Milo Bugliari, when she was in her forties. The “Who’s the Boss?” star said these things while she was expecting her son:

“I’ve had such a great time being pregnant that you’re probably going to see me more pregnant than not in the next few years because I’m really digging it.”

Alyssa Milano at the "Horribles Bosses" premiere in Los Angeles, 2011 | Source: Getty Images

After her first pregnancy, Milano predicted she would become pregnant again. Her prophecies came true. David and Milano welcomed Milo’s sister, Elizabella Bugliari, in 2014 after Milo was born.

The mother of two previously talked about some features that she and David have that she had already noticed in both of her kids. She claimed that while Milo is powerful and organised, Elizabella is kind and understanding.

David and Milo Bugliari with Alyssa Milano at UNICEF USA's 14th Annual Snowflake Ball in New York City, 2018 | Source: Getty Images

She talked about her children as well as how she and David keep a good marriage. She revealed that she and her hubby strive to spend as much time as possible together. According to the “Embrace of the Vampire” talent:

“Marriage is work, and I think the thing that makes for a happy marriage is really making an effort…and whatever that means for that relationship, you have to strive towards it.”

Alyssa Milano and Elizabella Bugliari at the Spring 2016 MADE Fashion Week in New York City, 2015 | Source: Getty Images

Milano also discussed how suffering through the pain and heartache of miscarriage ultimately helped to prepare her for motherhood and deepened her empathy.


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