Your Eye Color Reveals Information About Your Personality. Mine Was SO TRUE!

#1 Dark Brown/Black Eyes

People with dark brown or black eyes are typically natural born leaders, in fact, black irises are very rare. You are perceived as mysterious and secretive, but also the most agreeable. If you have dark eyes, you have more melanin in your system, and the more melanin you have the quicker your brain. Therefore, darker eyed people are typically better at sports and drink less. That being said, if you have dark eyes, you may someday be ruler of the world.


#2 Blue Eyes

People with blue eyes are often misjudged, and are seen as timid, weak, or even untrustworthy, but blue eyed people actually have great physical and inner strength. In fact, women with lighter eyes seem to endure pain better, specifically the pain of childbirth, as well as coped better with postpartum depression and anxiety. A study by German psychologists in 2006 revealed that children with blue eyes were less open with their peers and were afraid to try new things. On the flip side, Medical Daily said that blue eyed people are often thought of as egotistical and competitive.


#3 Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are a variation of blue eyes, so people with gray eyes just have a dimmer shade of blue, however light grey eyes have less melanin than dark grey eyes. Those with dark grey eyes can have either a Jekyll/Hyde personality or be extremely well balanced. Those with light gray eyes can be defensive and find it hard to be taken seriously. Once you let someone in though, you care deeply.


#4 Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are the chameleon of eyes. They tend to change color reflecting what is nearest to them, going from green to brown, and everywhere in between. Hazel eyes are unique, and people with this color iris are independent, confident, and spontaneous. Some have more melanin than others, so personalities can differ, but the most consistent trait is that people with hazel eyes are often hard to read. University of South Australia’s Dr. Matthew Leach proposed that a liver imbalance can be the cause of hazel eyes, which may also account for most having digestive problems.


#5 Brown Eyes

Those with brown eyes are assertive, confident, and agreeable, somewhat the same as those with dark brown/black eyes. You are also very respectful, loyal and gentle, but don’t confuse that with being submissive. Brown eyed people also sleep less, sleep poorly, and find it hard to get up in the morning, which can make some easily agitated or cranky.


#6 Green Eyes

Green eyed people are considered sexy, alluring, and mysterious. When participants of a study done at the Impulse Corporation in Los Angeles, were asked which color eyes they preferred, most said green, using the word “sexy”as the most common adjective to describe green irises. Besides being sexy, green eyes people have a great balance of being dominant yet agreeable, due to the melanin in their eyes, however, they are cautious yet strong, like their blue eyed counterparts. Doctor Hamadi Kallei, an Ophthalmologist Surgeon, said of green eyed people, they “have an air of mystry and a quiet self-sufficiency. [They are] often unpredictable, but slow to anger… They are original, creative and perform well under great pressure.”


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