Worried Pet dog Chooses not to Leave His Papa’s Side After He Gets Hurt In A Fall.

Our pets will do anything to comfort us when we injured. That was definitely the case with a guy who was cutting a tree dropped and his faithful canine hurried to comfort him.

Jesús Hueche was pruning a tree outside his home in Argentina when he toppled from a height of about 6 feet, struck his head, and fell unconscious. When paramedics arrived they discovered his cherished canine, Tony, resting on top of him.

Among the Emergency medical technicians took some pictures of the worried pet dog and his owner, which rapidly went viral.

While paramedics fitted Jesús with a neck brace, Tony continued to comfort him, choosing not to budge from his daddy’s side.

When Jesús was packed into the ambulance, Tony wished to opt for him. The 2 buddies were not apart for extremely long. The good news is, Jesús just suffered moderate head injury and was released from health center quickly after.

It appears the two have actually been looking after each other since! Share this heartfelt story with your family and friends.