Woman takes date to meet parents but never expected this

It’s every woman’s dream that one day she can take her date to introduce to her parents, and later they can marry each other. But this story is not as romantic as it sounds. There is definitely a weird twist in the tale. This man was crazy for Harley Davidson bikes, and he always wanted to buy one for himself. After saving enough money he went to the store and finally brought it. The dealer advised him that the crome of the bike is the key and the only way to protect the crome is by applying Vaseline while it rains. So he took the Vaseline and kept it safe with him in case it starts to rain. Later Woman takes date to meet parents and he became familiar with the tradition of whoever speaks first after having dinner does the dishes. Well, he definitely understood the game and took some really funny advantages, but later something happened that will simply make you laugh really loud.

Woman takes date to meet parents

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