Wife stormed out for a ring but the truth is Heartbreaking

The wife demanded for a ring as her birthday gift. When her birthday approached, she was eagerly waiting for that ring. On her birthday her husband’s calls her in the study room. Her husband told that he is very proud to get such a wife and handed a beautiful wrapped gift box. The wife curiously opened it and found a leather bound bible with the wife’s name embossed in gold. She angrily raised her voice as she didn’t get the ring she always wanted and stormed out of the house and leaves her husband. After many years she became very successful in business and managed to settle for a beautiful house and a wonderful family. She realized that her ex-husband was very old so she should visit him. Meanwhile she receives a telegram that her ex-husband had passed away. She went to her ex-husband’s house and this is what she got. Read it to know what she has got in her ex-husband’s house.


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