Wife comes home after a 14-hour shift and eats her sandwich- Her husband then makes a viral Facebook post

Jessica is married to Phillip Urtz where they both live in New York. Jessica works as a stroke nurse caring and treating patients every day.

Although Jessica the love of his life tried to hide any signs of exhaustion and tiredness, Phillip still knows that she is so worn out and tired every day given the stressful and fatiguing nature of her job.

As a sign of appreciation, Phillip wrote an open letter on Facebook dedicated to his wife showing how much he appreciates, cares, loves and supports everything that she does, no matter how hard it is on her.

The reason that made him go onto Facebook was when she finished a 14-hour shift and made herself a simple sandwich so that she can quickly head to sleep, and prepare herself for the next day.

Look at what Phillip wrote on Facebook:


“This is my wife Jessica having dinner after a 14 hour day.

When she returns home from work, has enough time to eat and get ready for bed and it’s back to work the next day for another shift.”


“She is up early to get ready for her day and doesn’t like to be bothered in the morning so I respect that.

“Then she has a quick shower, throws her hair up, grabs her lunch gives the dog and me a kiss and heads out the door.”

“At work, she takes care of people who are having the worst days of their lives. Strokes, Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, falls, breaks, brain damage and more.”

“My wives role also involves looking after the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends & families.”

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what happened she will take care of you.”

“She works through lunch and barely has time to sit down.”

“When she returns home after her long 14-hour shift she removes the shoes that have walked through blood & tears and just sits down.”

“I don’t ask her about her day because as she doesn’t like to talk about work when she is home and that’s fine.”

“If she does want to talk, I will listen.”

“Sometimes she comes home happy and sometimes she comes home sad. But no matter how she feels, she is always on time for her next shift.”

“I love her with all my heart. My wife is my hero. My wife is a Stroke Nurse.”

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