Wife brings a coyote home as it looked like a dog, but then she did this…


This post will show you the conversation in between a wife and her husband. Usually a kind hearted person brings an abandoned animal home to take good care of it. Kayla Eby is a just sort of person who brings in streets animals home. She is a preschool teacher in Oregon. This wife brings coyote home and shared the picture with her husband Justin Bogh. Her husband was shocked to see the picture of the animal and informed her that it is a coyote not a dog. His wife insisted that it was dog and not a coyote. She even put this “dog” beside her son which infuriated the husband. Read this post to see how the conversation went between them. Just to calm everyone down, it is a prank by a wife on her husband. (S)

Image credits: Kayla Eby



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