What happens when you pour hot tea at -40 Celsius degree? This is Incredible.

According to science, in a subzero temperature every liquid state object freezes, to be more specific it turns into crystals. However, Michael Davies, who is a photographer, used this scientific work in his work. He along with his friend went to the Arctic Circle. His friend then hurled the hot tea in the subzero temperature and Michael captured the perfect shot. You will be amazed to look at how the hot tea converted itself into a beautiful piece of art. According to reports, Michael didn’t leave anything to chance as he practised the shot with hot water. He also calculated the wind speed, and took note of the temperature. To know more about Michael’s work visit his website.

Michael and his friend carried multiple Thermoses containing hot tea. 

hot tea

He was hoping that the sun could be captured beautifully, and his luck helped him.

hot tea

At first, he first water in the cold temperature as a practice.  

hot tea

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