Whale lament for death just like human

Based on a new study it has been reported that seven species of marine animals are found to clutch to the dead body that would probably of a friend or relative. Whales are regarded to be smart and social animals who build good bonds with one another. There are several other species starting from giraffes to chimps are reported by scientist to lament with grief. Emeritus professor of anthropology at William & Mary in Williamsburg defined animal grief to be an emotional distress coupled with a disruption of usual behavior. Reggente and colleagues’ research upon the behaviors of grief in seven whale species was published recently in the Journal of Mammology which says that they accompany their dead in oceans around globe. Some scientist saw even an Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin to push a decayed dead body of a small dolphin. King the anthropologist agreed after many such incidents that whales mourn. Here is one such video where Whale lament for death of her newborn. Even animals have feeling just like any other human being. (S)

This video on whale lament for death of her baby has garnered many hits. You have to see the complete video to understand the fuzz about it.