Unexpected surprise for Non Pregnant Teenager

Well everybody might remember the Untold Stories of the ER. This story is just the replica of it. The emergency physician Dr. Kathleen Clem helped an unexpected mother to deliver a baby. Amber the Non Pregnant teenager had never thought that she could be pregnant until the moment when she saw her child delivered. As reported by CBS news, it is impossible for a woman to conceive for 9 months and couldn’t realize that she is pregnant. It happens quiet often that people might not think of according to experts. This happening is known as cryptic pregnancy or pregnancy denial which occurs 1 in 2500 pregnancies based on a British study. As soon as Amber taken to the delivery room, the doctors cut off her pants and found that a baby girl was already born. When Amber’s father heard the cry of baby, he rushed to the room in surprise and angry. Amber was continuously confirming that she was not pregnant and it is not possible. Dr. Clem then spoke to Amber’s boyfriend who was equally in shock to see it. But he confirms that there is no way he could have made her pregnant.  But the reason of her pregnancy what he says is unbelievable. Hear it to believe by your own ears. This story is 100% true of a Non Pregnant Teenager so there is no point of confusion.

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