This Ukrainian Adoption Story will melt your heart. Priceless

We often come one such heartwarming incident that brings tear in our eyes. Here is one such Ukrainian adoption story that will bring tears. Vern and Nanette are proud parents of six kids. But they still wanted a girl in their life. Since, it was getting hard for them to get pregnant they decided to adopt. As luck would have it, she soon became pregnant but it was a boy. Nanette and Vern went to Ukraine’s National Adoption Center. There they saw a photo of a girl named Emily, whom Nanette envisioned in her dreams. They adopted her and brought her back to the US. Few months later, the couple came to know about her older sister who acted as a mother to her when she was an infant. Six months post this discovery, the couple saw the photo of her older sister and after few days, they received a letter from her. After reading the letter, Vern and Nanette were blown away. What they did after that is just amazing. Watch the complete video to see what eventually happened.

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