Try to find 5 camouflage masters of the animal kingdom


Camouflage is the nature’s gift to a few lucky animals that can either use it to escape predators or sneak up on their lunch. It is truly astounding how well some animals blend in with their environments. Try to find 5 camouflage masters of the animal kingdom. Try to find the Baron Caterpillar, the Pygmy Seahorse, and the Underwing Moths, try to distinguish the Leaf Tailed Gecko from its surroundings and the Reef Stonefish. The Baron Caterpillar has spikes and a bright green color when young. Pygmy Seahorses are only 2.7 cm tall. Underwing moths have 2 sets of wings. The hidden set is visible only when flying. The leaf tailed gecko is so good at hiding. Reef Stonefish use their camouflage to sneak up on prey. Spot the 5 camouflage masters.


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