Top 10 Bizarre holidays that are incredible

Everyone just loves holidays. It’s about togetherness, family and friends. Some holidays
are quite unusual. Here are 10 ten holidays that will totally change your mind
set about festivals. They are having more fun than the traditional Christmas
and New Year.

Nyepi (Silent) day In Bali, Indonesia, the entire city is closed from 6am to 6pm on this day. For
celebrating New Year, the whole city takes complete rest of 12 hour. It’s a
Hindu holiday celebrated in mid of March every year.


La Tomatina People of Spain just love to party hard and the La Tomatina is a perfect example of that. Around the end of August, the people gather in the streets of Bunol and play in pounds of

Lopburi Monkey Buffet Lopburi is a place in Thailand where people are having appreciation for the native
monkeys. They arrange feast for the monkeys in the temples during the last week of November. This holiday was planned by the locals business to increase tourism.

World Toilet Day The World Toilet Organisation, every year celebrates World Toilet Day. This day is
meant for creating awareness regarding better sanitation facilities all around
the world.


Tinku “Punch Your Neighbour” Festival It’s sounding quite interesting. It was celebrated as Bolivian festival. Tinku is the village where all the natives get together and beat their neighbours. It’s
a kind of blood tribute to goddess Pachamama for good harvest.


Pissing Festival This odd event is celebrated around mid of March in which all the locals pee on the Nassau Street. During the Battle of Princeton, when British troops were run out by Continent army. The
Princeton was fled by British then the locals started to pee on them.


7.     Hadaka Matsuri In Japanese, it means naked man festival. It is celebrated around early February
when all the men strip down in frigid winter to test their bravery and manhood.


Straw Bear Day To start the new agriculture year on January 7th, this festival is
celebrated by the English town of Whittlesea. A man or a boy is totally covered
with straw and then he roam from house to house to exchange for money, food and
beer. And after that the straw costume is burned in the town square.


National Weatherman DayThis day is celebrated every year on February 5th to appreciate the
meteorologist all around the world.



Beer Day This festival is favourite of all beer lovers and is celebrated on March 1st
every year. Drinking parties are arranged throughout the day.


So, each of these festival are having their own uniqueness. But there is one thing
in common that all of them bring happiness and togetherness.

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