This trail crew did this to make it easy for the hikers.

Hiking is
full of fun especially when you discover the pathways which is gradually
developed and constructed by numerous people walking through it since years.
Hiking is not just an amazing exercise but it also offers you the chance to
experience the magic of nature.

The Jolly Rovers
Trail Crew is a team of volunteer who are working to rediscover the old,
defunct pathways. They are improving them and also discovering the new ones.
Their incredible job is appreciable. Their efforts had improved the experience
of numerous nature enthusiast and hikers.

The team is
working hard for the reconstruction process to making the environment beautiful
for the hikers.

yourself can feel the change illustrated in the before and after pictures.

They had
made it truly fabulous.

The hard
work had added more to the natural beauty. It’s like a blessing for the hikers.

amazing team had done the construction in a very sustainable way without
disturbing the natural beauty.

Jolly Rover
Team celebrating their success

All the
crew members have done an amazing job. They are amongst the best path reconstruction
team. At the end of the day, everyone can see the fruits of their labour.

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