This Rare White Lion Is Missing A Tooth, But When I Saw What’s In His Mouth, I’m Stunned

In South Africa, a nine-year-old white male lion named Aslan was struggling and fighting for his survival. Fortunately, a group of Good Samaritans stepped in and saved the day.

Aslan had a rough upbringing. Born as the only white lion amongst a tribe of brown lions, Aslan was picked on for being different. Even his own father bit him! As a result, he lost two of his vital canines, teeth that are important in the chewing process. Fortunately, Fixodent offered to help, and they helped Aslan get his bite back.

Bringing their equipment to the site, they performed a root canal surgery to take away the pain that Aslan had been dealing with for so long. They operated on four of his teeth and hoped that a successful operation would help Aslan regain his place in his pride.

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